Reservado- workspaces- coming up soon

We are working on something exciting!

Workspaces by Reservado. What’s this? With the culture of Entrepreneurship actively germinating in India, so is the demand for independent, affordable, and fully equipped work-spaces. Over the years, several options have opened up in the domain of co-working spaces; these spaces not only provide spaces for several independent teams, but also encourage cross-sharing of ideas, […]

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Targeted vs shotgun approach- which works better

Targeted vs. Shotgun approach- Which one works better for networking events?

An entrepreneur, Alex is, He was excited about attending Entrefair* a popular entrepreneurship conference — to grow his biz. With heavy sponsorship, a fairly good line of speakers, and so on, Alex was confident that by attending the event, meaningful business relationships would be born. And yet, a few hours into the show, he felt at loss; For the event was far too diverse, […]

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