Venue Booking Checklist

Venue Booking Checklist- 6 things to know before booking a venue

Reservado has compiled a list of the most important things to note before booking the right venue for all your events- be it personal, or corporate. So, what are the “Top 6 Things to know” before You Book the right Venue? Here’s a video highlighting things that you need know before booking (venue booking checklist)!

Watch the Video Below:

Quick Look at the ‘Venue Booking’ Checklist:

Here’s a recap of things that you need to note before booking the right venue:

First of all, estimate the number of your guests. Next, make a list of all the event activities, and their corresponding requirements (for instance, a wedding consists of a reception, baarat etc.; make a list of requirements for each of the events such as a stage for music, DJ room etc.). Now, fix your budget, and decide on food & other menu requirements.Then ask about event planners and other service providers; in addition, ask for the special rates! Finally, understand the venue related policies (cancellations,refunds, additional charges etc.).

You are now all set to book the right venue for your event.


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