Best Venues in Coimbatore Kiscol Grands

Best Venues in Coimbatore- Kiscol Grands

We are excited to announce the best venue for the month of November, 2017- Kiscol Grands, Coimbatore; and this time around, we hope to present it in the form a rhyme story! Read on…

Introducing Kiscol Grands

A hidden gem in Kovai City,

‘Kiscol Grands’ is a great venue in the Gandhipuram vicinity!

It has 2 Banquet Halls, and 1 Board Room,

Classy enough to impress your client, boss, or even guests of the bride & the groom!


The food served here is absolutely sumptuous,

And, the staff- friendly and never presumptuous!

If you are tired booking your usual, tried and tested venues,

Kiscol Grands is a welcome change; why don’t you book this for your use? 🙂

 Kiscol grands reservado

Read more about this venue here:

North Court- Banquet Hall

South Court- Banquet Hall

Senate- Board Room

Do you want to book this venue at the best rates? Chat with the venue on, or call Reservado @ +91–9620912226 today!

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