Best Venues in Coimbatore Reservado Windsor Gardens

Best Venues in Coimbatore – Windsor Gardens

22 ° Celsius; cool morning breeze; majestic Western Ghats in the backdrop; verdure all around.

Windsor Gardens in Coimbatore is but a dream set in reality!

  • Do you think indoor weddings are boring? Or, are you looking for ways to make your pre-wedding photo-shoot unique, and memorable?
  • Or, Are you confused about finding the most relaxing venue for your upcoming corporate team outing?

If you have a penchant for organizing personal/ corporate events in creative settings, you may want to check out Windsor Gardens on Reservado.

More about this venue
  1. This tranquil, and homely location is about 30–40 minutes from Coimbatore, and is perfectly suited for conducting both small scale (<200 guests), and large scale (>1000 guests) events.
  2. It boasts of a banquet hall, a functional kitchen space (ideal for caterers), a 1 acre sprawling lawn, swimming pool, staying rooms for Guests and many more!
  3. The owner of this venue, and the managers are perfect hosts too! They are not only amiable, but also very forthcoming in helping their guests create the perfect event.

Take a look at some of the venue photos below:

This location is ideal for conducting all kinds of both corporate, and personal events- weddings, photo shoots, DJ Parties, sports activities, movie screenings, open air shows, corporate board meetings, club meetings & more!!!

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