Targeted vs shotgun approach- which works better

Targeted vs. Shotgun approach- Which one works better for networking events?

An entrepreneur, Alex is, He was excited about attending Entrefair* a popular entrepreneurship conference — to grow his biz. With heavy sponsorship, a fairly good line of speakers, and so on, Alex was confident that by attending the event, meaningful business relationships would be born. And yet, a few hours into the show, he felt at loss; For the event was far too diverse, […]

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Reservado for venues- our story

Reservado- Our Story

We are going to talk about Reservado-Our Story. When we started Reservado, a B2B2C venue management platform, we did it for a reason. What is it? Read on to know our story! [ This post is divided into 4 parts: The problem The solution How Reservado works What’s​ next…] What’s the Problem? Celebrations & events are as old […]

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