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Workspaces by Reservado. What’s this?

With the culture of Entrepreneurship actively germinating in India, so is the demand for independent, affordable, and fully equipped work-spaces. Over the years, several options have opened up in the domain of co-working spaces; these spaces not only provide spaces for several independent teams, but also encourage cross-sharing of ideas, provide a social network for entrepreneurs and so on.

However, these spaces are limited, employ monthly usage plans, and are sometimes not conveniently located.

So, what could you do  if you are a ‘Work from Home‘ entrepreneur, and yet you need a space for a couple of hours to hold an important client meeting, remote/ skype call,or a team discussion?

The good news is, Team Reservado is currently working on Piloting a venue-booking model using which you can book small meeting spaces with all amenities (WiFi, A/C, tea, snacks, LCD projector and so on) for just a couple of hours! And guess what? It’s absolutely affordable- starting at just ₹200 / person!

As we speak, we have partnered with a few venues in the heart of Coimbatore (near Gandhipuram / Ram Nagar), and  will be facilitating startups/ small teams to use these venues at great rates!

Are you interested in trying this out? Whatsapp/ Call us @ +91-9620912226.

Alternately, you may write to us at


Team Reservado

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