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Stepping into 2018 with Hope

There is something exciting about working on Reservado.

It is NOT the thrill of being your own boss;

NOR is it the feeling of ownership over your profit & loss!

It is rather the challenge of being able to constantly adapt to change, and being able to dump even the hardest of your work(s) for a practical shift forward.

In other words, the best part about our work so far, has been ‘being able to build a character out of the whole experience‘.

2017 has been quite a year for us. We started off with an idea, built a ‘Minimum Viable Product’ (MVP), partnered with several venues in Coimbatore ( & a few others in Chennai) , tested this live in the market, made a  couple of market conversions, and finally got back to our drawing boards to make this more useful for our partners.

Every step in the process has been a revelation of its own kind. Here’s encapsulating our experiences of 2017!

It’s not always a 100% digital (at least, in the beginning)

At ideation, Reservado was meant to be a digital platform for venue bookings. However, when we launched, we faced (and continue to face) resistance in terms of our consumer habits.

How many of us are habituated to booking venues online? This consumer behavior prompted us to shift our model to accommodate more traditional ways of booking venues.

One such modification being the ‘call feature’- today, we encourage our users to ‘call’ venues directly (or, contact Reservado directly for personalized recommendations on venues) on our platform. We are also in the process of fine-tuning our digital platforms to increasingly cater to ‘habits’of our users.

Creating Useful products, and then Selling (and NOT the other way round)

A product is only as attractive as it’s useful. In other words, a product is a ‘hit’ only if it directly targets the biggest pain point of your customers. When we started selling the idea of Reservado to our partners, we had a different approach- we would talk about the features, utility, blah blah.

However, we soon realized that features didn’t matter as much as ‘making money (for themselves)’ did, for our clients, and this brought about a shift in our approach towards positioning our work (in other words, highlighting benefits brought better results).

Don’t bite off more than you can Chew

This one has been an important lesson for us. Since the beginning, we have received tons of advice from our well-wishers on how to take Reservado forward. Sometimes, this has been overwhelming, some other times- tempting.

However, while weighing all the ideas with due consideration, we have also deliberately taken it slow (while ignoring some, and pushing some other recommendations/ advice to future implementation). Given our team strength, and our resources, it has been extremely important to prioritize, and allocate our resources to what makes the best sense (at that moment).

This has also kept our lives balanced, spirited, and full of energy.

We step into 2018- a little wiser, and richer in our experiences. How would this year hold for us? It waits to be seen. However, we begin this year with ‘HOPE’.

Adios until next time!


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